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We're a local and loyal contracting company in Southington Connecticut. We take pride in our work and care for our customers.

About Us

Making your day the Apple Valley way:

We at Apple Valley Paving take pride in the quality of work we produce and meeting and exceeding expectations is our priority. We make sure each and every customer we work with is 100% satisfied every time. We are skilled in many different types of work. We offer  Paving, Seal Coating, Commercial and Residential, Concrete and Stone work, Millings, Line Striping, Hot Crack Filling, and Complete Asphalt Maintenance. Anything from roads, paths, walkways and sidewalks, we've got you covered. Give us a call at (860) 637-6570 and book a free estimate today!

About the man behind it all:

My name is James Berube, I am a local paving contractor. I have been in the paving business for 25 years. Seeing the outcome of a perfect job brings a smile to my face. Quality is remembered and prices are forgotten.  I love to make my customers happy. Once someone works with Apple Valley, There's no other option for quality work at an affordable cost.

Family Owned and Operated

We specialize in all things pavement and do our best to use techniques that will make your paved or sealed driveway look clean and polished. We are fully Licensed and Insured.  We are family owned and operated and are not affiliated with any other paving contractors***  

Our Services


We specialize in paving roadways, commercial and residential work.  We also do Sports pads, Tennis and Basketball courts, and are open to suggestions.

Seal Coating

We do Seal Coating and will make any driveway look and feel brand new. Seal Coating also protects your driveway from the elements and restores its luster. 

Brick Work

We do all kinds of brick work from, pathways, patios, to sidewalks. We take suggestions and work with you to create any type of pathway or sidewalk you can imagine. 


Stone driveways keep you and your car out of the mud. We do stone driveways, and stone pathways.


Asphalt Millings is a cheaper alternative to pavement. It's ground up asphalt and when compacted, gives you a finished product similar to an asphalt paved driveway, all for a lesser cost. Over time, it hardens just like pavement.


We do concrete sidewalks, as well as concrete aprons. Anything you need we can do our best to fulfill your needs.


Does your driveway collect water and pool? We can create drain inserts that will divert the water and keep your driveway from flooding. 

Hot Crackfilling

Cracks? A nice hot crack fill will fill those cracks and make your pavement crack free as well as stop the water and elements from making cracks bigger by sealing the cracks. 


Dull lines in your parking lot? We stripe parking lots and make lines bright and vibrant. We also use the new modified Handicap sign.


Have an area the needs to be cleared? We can clear the land for you.


Need a curb redone or want to add a nice finish to the sides of your driveway? Curbs are an awesome option to improve the look of a parking lot or driveway.

Snow Removal

We do snow plowing, Snow blowing, Snow Removal and shovel walkways. We also offer a service where we can plow your driveway every major snow storm if you were interested.

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